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About T.J.

Author Bio

T.J. Rao is a debut author and advocate for people of mixed race like herself. She writes characters who are diverse, relatable, and confident. Her goal as a writer is to create fiction that is inclusive and discusses important topics in today's society. She is excited about sharing The Crossed with the world and hopes to see a positive impact for readers of all ages. In her spare time she loves reading a good book at local bookstores, watching Bollywood movies with friends, writing her blog, and going on bike rides with her dog, Mr. Bingley.

            The Crossed

In 2084, Hart Kang is the widely adored son of a politician who finds himself desperate to know what goes on inside the walls of the Teorrain, and if the government treats the Crossed people equal to Pravis, like himself, as they claim. Violetta Akan, is destined to live out her days in a town behind one of fifteen circular walls which separates her and others like her from civilization. Hart meets Violetta when he secretly discovers a tunnel into the Teorrain, and both of their lives get exponentially more dangerous when they find themselves falling for one another while a rebellion is brewing inside the walls.

Click here for the full synopsis of The Crossed!

"I won't let them make us pick a side. I'd rather be a mixed being with mixed feelings."

Avan Jogia

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