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The Crossed: Out now!

The Crossed laws were cruelly passed years ago to ensure the production of multiracial children would not grow. This was seen as the only solution for different cultures to keep their individual unique customs. Society in America then split into two new classes, Pravi and the Crossed. The government decided to separate the two by confining the Crossed within walls while Pravis could continue to live in peace as long as they didn't marry another race.

Violetta Akan lives in blissful ignorance in one of fifteen cities separated from society and monitored by the government in the year 2084. Being half black and half white landed her in a Teorrain from a young age, so she hasn't known much else. She stays positive with the little she has: a best friend to live with and a handsome boss to talk to while she works at the Library. Things are going well for Violetta, until her world gets shattered when a Pravi boy finds his way into the walls of the Teorrain.

On paper, Hart Kang has everything going for him. He's one of the most sought-after men in America at only 18, and his father who governs their beautiful state is keeping the Crossed laws in check. Hart can't stop having nightmares about what goes on inside the Teorrain, and he fears the government is lying to him about the conditions Crossed people are kept in. When he devises a plan to sneak into the Teorrain, the last thing he expects to find is a girl beyond his wildest dreams. Continuing to visit her puts them both in more danger than they know as a rebel gang secretly prepares a revolt inside the Teorrain.


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